Matese Fields is an independent designer in Portland, OR & available for work.

Matese Fields is an independent designer in Portland, OR & available for work.

Matese Fields is an independent designer in Portland, OR & available for work.

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Black Campaign School

Brand + Identity | Independent | 2022

Black Campaign School is a year round leadership, political education and strategy program started in 2017. I was approached by BCS in the summer of 2022 to work with the team at Three Point Strategies to revamp the branding / identity of Black Campaign School as well as develop the identity for the resurrection of “Black Camp”, a hands-on, immersive camp.


Brand + Identity | Independent | 2022

IDYLL is a new company looking to create the new wave of music using the blockchain and Web3 capabilities. I worked with them to help define the brand identity, design a pitch deck, as well as create templates & system for them to use on social media.

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Product + Brand | In House | 2019 - 2021

I like to describe my role at StockX as working in the intersection of Brand and Product. I did a lot of work around how our marketing brand translated to the web as well as leading design on the Sell team, and the Discovery & Research team. In that time, I led the redesign of the PDP, established a future vision for the homepage of, led redesign of the Selling Dashboard, led redesign & created a template for the Black Friday experience, led design of the Elite Selling Portal as well as created an identity for the Black History Month campaign.


Product | Work & Co | 2021 - 2022

Work & Co was approached by the PGA TOUR in 2021 to help them reimagine the future of golf on digital platforms. We helped PGA TOUR redesign their app as well as With that came a reimagined leaderboard experience, enhanced photo and video content, an updated type stack, and a deeper dive into player stats and performances.

Designers: Derek Fridman, Sarah Sampsel, Jordan Sowers, Michelle Fong, Tati Frambach, Kyle Gabouer, Matese Fields

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Get Well

Product | Work & Co | 2021

Earlier in 2021, Work & Co was approached by GetWellNetwork to help them with defining their future product vision. Included in that was first; designing their core app, which helped people & their care team navigate their health journey. Secondly, was refreshing their inpatient tv experience, something that is integral to a persons stay in a hospital.

Designers: Aleks Gryzcon, Mike Ciarlo, Brian Nguyen, Michelle Fong, Matese Fields

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